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1st place in MTSnG 45max p.1

How R U? I promised U to make a post about the charts of starting hands, for preflop all-in, in tournaments with a turbo structure. Maybe I didn't get it right, or maybe it didn't even work out, but I decided to post the final table of the 45max game, in which I won 1st place. Using the same ICMIZER program, I will analyze my game on this table. And perhaps, thanks to this, I will be able to show U which hands should be played in different situations, from different positions. These will probably be the hand charts I wanted to write U about 😏 Let's get started!

In this post, I will show the game in the "bubble" stage. Since my screenshots large in size, the topic of analysis will be divided into two or three parts, I certainly hope for two))) And in order to avoid writing too much, I prepared screenshots with text where my action is located at the top and the correct one at the bottom) For the most part, the post was focused on these images, and I tried to put in them full information and analysis of this game) I hope U enjoy it and it will be useful for your and my game, enjoy watching 😎

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