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PokerStars promotion

The fans of cash games and Zoom poker at PokerStars are able to gain the rewards for strong starting hands. In order to become the owner of reward and to have the opportunity to get a part of $28 000 on a daily basis, you should accumulate the points for the certain starting hands. It is only applies to 20+ leader boards. Promotion is held from 23 March to 12 April.  

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In order to become the participant of this promotion, the player should register through the tab of challenges every day. It is possible to obtain twenty and more points for the necessary starting hands (the example of these hands will be given in the table below).

Note: the first three hundred hands played per day are taken into account after the registration in the leader board.

As it was already mentioned, the player can get twenty and more points for starting hands. You can get acquainted with details in the table below:

Starting handsPoints
AK  AQ  AJ  A1021
A9  KK  KQ  KJ  K10  QQ  QJ  Q10  JJ  J1020

If you played 4 hands with the hole cards such as KK, J3, QJ and 52, then you would obtain 40 points.

There are 4 leader boards which consists of the following limits: micro ($0.02-$0.05), low ($0.05-$0.10), mid ($0.10-$0.25) and high ($0.25-$0.50 and higher). These leader bords are carried out on a daily basis starting from 5:00 UTC to 4:59 UTC (since 29 March – from 4:00 UTC to 3:59 UTC.

Information about prizes:

1$300$500$1 000$2 000
2$250$450$800$1 500
3$200$400$600$1 000

If you managed to play all 300 hands during 1 day within a week, then you would be able to get the ticket for 20+ Leader Boards Freeroll. (These freerolls are held on Mondays).

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