$30 000 in "Daily Hand Collector" promotion at Tiger Gaming

"Daily Hand Collector" at Tiger Gaming

Win your share of prize money in the daily Shootout tournaments at Tiger Gaming. From 1 to 28 February, the players can collect 3 specific hands every day. After that, the participants will get access to $1 000 freerolls that are held every day.

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You will be able to participate in these freerolls after completing the missions. Missions are divided into three types:

  1. Lucky Card – reach showdown with a specific card in hand, for example, a nine of hearts.
  2. Pocket Pair – get dealt specific pocket cards, for example 10-10 or K-8.
  3. Poker Hand – hit a certain combination, for example, a flush or four of a kind.

List of the daily missions

DateLucky Card (card required for showdown)Pocket PairPoker Hand
01.02.215 of clubsGet dealt А-КHit 2 pairs
02.02.21J of diamondsGet dealt 7-2Hit a ser
03.02.2110 of heartsGet dealt Q-QHit a straight
04.02.219 of spadesGet dealt 8-9Hit a flush
05.02.21K of clubsGet dealt K-QHit a full house
06.02.21A of spadesGet dealt А-10Hit any 2 pairs
07.02.21Q of heartsPocket pairHit a set
08.02.218 of diamondsGet dealt 8-8Hit a straight
09.02.217 of clubsGet dealt А-3Hit a flush
10.02.216 of spadesGet dealt К-КHit a full house
11.02.21J of heartsGet dealt А-JHit 2 pairs
12.02.21K of spadesGet dealt 5-2Hit a set
13.02.2110 of diamondsGet dealt  J-JHit a straight
14.02.21A of hearts
Pocket pairHit a flush
15.02.215 of clubs
Get dealt А-КHit a full house
16.02.21J of diamonds
Get dealt 7-2Hit 2 pairs
17.02.2110 of hearts
Get dealt Q-QHit a set
18.02.219 of spadesGet dealt 8-9Hit a straight
19.02.21K of clubsGet dealt K-JHit a flush
20.02.21A of spadesGet dealt А-10Hit a full house
21.02.21Q of heartsPocket pairHit 2 pairs
22.02.218 of diamondsGet dealt 8-8Hit a set
23.02.217 of clubsGet dealt А-3Hit a straight
24.02.216 of spadesGet dealt К-КHit a flush
25.02.21J of heartsGet dealt А-JHit a full house
26.02.21K of spadesGet dealt 5-2Hit 2 pairs
27.02.2110 of diamondsGet dealt J-JHit a set
28.02.212 of diamondsGet dealt А-AHit a full house

Everyone who completes the tasks will receive a ticket to the daily Shootout freeroll with $1 000 guarantee. On 28 February, a special freeroll with an increased guarantee of $3 000 will take place.

To get a ticket to the freeroll, you need to complete all 3 tasks. "Daily Hand Collector" promotion is in the "My Missions" section in the poker client. Enter it and activate your participation. This should be done every day for a successful registration in the promo.

Tiger Gaming will raffle $30 000 for the entire period of promotion. Don't miss your chance to win a share of this prize!

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