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3 hands of the day by SanSan (#1)

Hey guys,

Yesterday managed to win a 109$ ticket to SCOOP, really excited about it, hope will show good result.

Hand #1

I raise first in, big blinds calls and donks half pot, I reraise and he calls, turn he donks again I jam he calls. Unlucky, but I think I could make it bigger on the flop, so it would be harder for him to call, what you think?

Hand #2

3 limpers, I have 18bb, raise to 5bb, one calls, flop I bet 9 bigs and turn go all-in. The question is should I jam preflop or I played ok and it's just a bad beat?

Hand #3

Cash game NL5. 3 way pot on the flop, after all checked, I bet turn 45%, one calls, river I was thinking of check/raising, but made a small 33% bet. The question is should I check in future or betting is good here. I don't really like slowplaying, but at this spot it was obvious the guy hit his flush or has a full hose lower.

Cheers guys,


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