5 things that make you good and bad for poker in the opinion of Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu

Recently, an experienced tournament player and PokerStars ambassador Daniel Negreanu has made interesting but little controversial posts on his Twitter. The player expressed his opinion on qualities that make you good/ bad for a poker game.

Speaking about the good traits of a poker player, Daniel outlines the following characteristics:

KidPoker itself always talks at the table and tries to reduce the pressure by means of jokes. He likes action and hates silence and slow play. It seems the guy matches the list above.

In the poker community, Daniel is known as a straight shooter, the guy never scares to express his beliefs and thoughts. This is how Negreanu describes worst kind of poker player:

  • winner
  • slow
  • quiet
  • nit
  • hater

The player also added that if you matched all of these categories then you were probably a real treat to have at parties and that 2 of 5 is still bad.

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Of course, Daniel’s tweets caused a big resonance on the Internet and his followers immediately gave feedback. Some people agreed with the player, but it’s impossible to please everyone and Negreanu got a lot of negative reactions. Canadian poker player Mike McDonald became one of the confused readers. He asked KidPoker to explain such a position:

«So winning poker players all need to be fast, loud, lavish, optimists or else they are bad?».

It didn't take Daniel long to give a response - «Basically, yes».

The player deleted tweet about negative traits, as people found it disrespectful.

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