6 season Bloggers Challenge results and prize payments

Hi, mates!

November has already come, so it's time for cocoa (or mulled wine), good films (traditionally, Sweet November for me), cozy blankets. You can also play poker and blog about it! Well, or make sports bets, earn money and write about it. So, instead of falling into seasonal depression, I have a better proposal: discover your talent as a writer and make money thanks to it!

A new month is already here, so it's time to announce the results of the 6th season of our Bloggers competition and to start sending the prize money.

My congratulations to MrKaplin - you are the winner in October! You make great content, it is clear that a lot of time and effort is invested in it. Thank you for being with us!

And now to the winners of the competition in October:

1. MrKaplin - 500$

2. Maroonfish - 200$

3. Vetal- 100$

4. SanSan1Time - 50$

5. GER4SOUL - 50$

6. Maximus0410 - 20$

7. ВАНАКС - 20$

8. Nemoruso17 - 20$

9. maomax1223 - 20$

10. Avocado - 20$

Prize payout

All payments will be made via Skrill payment system. Exceptions will be only for those who living in the country where this payment system is prohibited or unavailable. Please, if you still don’t have a Skrill wallet, get one. It is very easy and convenient.

So I ask all winners of the competition to send the following information to this mail [email protected] (please send from the mailboxes to which your Cardmates.net account is registered):

1. Your username on Cardmates (please also note here that it is EN version)

2. Your email address under which you are registered on the Cardmates website

3. Your email address under which you are registered in the Skrill system

Thank you all for participating! And it's not over, we are starting Season 7 of our Challenge in November! Good luck!

Something important to add

Thanks to everyone who contributes to our site with their posts! I try to read every new post personally. This month, we go on with the only positive rating system for blogs (no minuses). In October, we even banned one of the bloggers here (Amirgali). Just don’t break the rules and make good content (and don’t try to cheat with friends' help or fake accounts).

We have private messages (Messenger), so I am waiting for any of your comments and wishes (ideas, advice, notes, compliments - in general, anything) in my private messages. I will try to answer everyone.

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Comments (7)

Congratulations to Mr.Kaplin - great posts and a worthy winner! 😁

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Vetal Guru


MrKaplin Blocked

Thanks a lot)

Vetal Guru

Thanks. See you on the blogs.

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All the payments were already done?

1 replies

Hey. Payments are in progress, all winners will receive money within a couple of days.

Cheers and thank you!

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