888 poker support – all methods for contacting the poker room’s support

888 poker support

888 poker support service was created in order to provide the feedback to poker players who need to resolve a number of issues, including the issues related to account blocking and getting $88 no deposit bonus.

888 poker support provides its users with four types of consultations, so each player of the poker room can always choose a convenient method:  

  • a letter to the technical support
  • contact by phone
  • online help
  • online chat

The support service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to 888 online help chat and company's call center. Therefore, in most cases, support offers to use online help or write to e-mail address.

What is the best way to contact support?

When choosing a method of contacting 888 support, it is important to be guided not only by your convenience, but also by the nature of issue. If you do not know how to do something standard, such as making a deposit or finding a specific game – a selection of the most often asked questions on the site will help you. Thus, you will save your own time and won’t take the time of the poker room’s consultant.

If you have more individual question or complaint, then you can write a letter. In the case if the problem needs to be resolved quickly or the essence of the issue cannot be stated in one letter – call or contact the online chat. But remember the golden rules of communication with support service of any poker room: don’t be rude, state the essence of the problem as concrete and correct as possible. Never tell the employees of 888 (or people who pretend to be the employees) the password from your account. You may be asked for a nickname, e-mail or the answer to a secret question, but 888 employees never ask for a password.

The letter to e-mail 888 support

You can ask your question to the poker room’s employees by means of writing a letter to 888 e-mail – [email protected] (in English). For your convenience, it’s better to use that e-mail address which you specified during the registration of your 888 account.

Make your appeal clearly and concisely without rudeness and emotional outbursts – it will allow you to get an answer much faster. Support 888poker respond within two days, but in some cases the waiting period may increase.

Phone contact with 888 poker support

In order to solve all the problems and issues as quickly as possible, 888 poker offers to directly contact 888 support by phone.

You can always find out the current number of 888 poker support in the client of poker room through the menu “Cashier”. Open the cashier, click on the help and select the number of operational support for your country in the menu which appears when clicking on the button "Other numbers".

As a rule, the necessary number is indicated at the bottom of the tab next to the menu “More numbers”, but it is better to check whether it is valid for your country.

Phone contact

Please note that a call from mobile phone to the number of 888poker support is paid, but if you use Skype, the cost of a minute won’t exceed 8 euro cents. 888poker user can ask the operator to call him back.

The operators of 888 call center work constantly – 24/7. 

For your convenience, we have collected examples of countries and 888poker support phone numbers for them, so if you need something like "888 poker contact phone number Canada", you will find it here.

888poker support phone numbers

Austria+44 203-478-1875
Belarus+44 203 887 5550
Germany+44 203-478-2875
Russian Federation+44 203 887 5550
South Africa+44-203-795-5029
Switzerland+44 203-478-1875
Ukraine+44 203 887 5550
United Kingdom+44-203-795-5029

888 online help

888poker created a special section “online help” for resolving the common and frequently asked questions on your own. In this section, all the most popular users’ requests and answers to them are collected.

888 online help

You can open this page through 888 official website or through the poker room’s lobby by selecting "Help" in the menu, the section "Contacts".

You can also enter through the cashier of the poker room by clicking on the appropriate tab: 

Then you will be redirected to the page of "888poker Support Center". There you can find an answer to your question by using the search. Or you can write a letter to the poker room by filling out a simple form.

How to contact 888 support online through the site (step-by-step instruction)

Click on “online help” at the bottom of any page of 888 official website.

888 support online through the site

You can also open it through the lobby of the poker room in the menu "Help" and "Cashier", as it was earlier mentioned in the article.

If the answer to your question is not found, click the button "Contact us" at the bottom of the page. 

Fill out a simple form by indicating the category of appeal, your e-mail address, subject and description of your question. You can also add the graphic files if it is necessary. Then click "Continue".

Before sending a question, you will be proposed to acquaint with a number of topics that may help you, but if you don’t see the right topic among them, click "Finish sending the question".

After that, you will be informed of the registration number of your request in 888poker live help.

Within a couple of seconds, a letter which confirms your appealing to 888 support should be sent to e-mail which you indicated.

In this letter, you will be proposed to acquaint with a number of topics that may help you to solve your problem, and also you will be informed that 888 poker support received your letter. You will get a response no more than in 48 hours later.

You will achieve the same effect by sending a letter from your e-mail directly.

888 live chat support

Another convenient and quick way to contact the customer support of the 888 room is to write to them in the online chat, that is, to 888 poker support live chat. This is the weakest option for communication with technical support in real time, because almost always 888 poker live chat help is unavailable. 

Where is 888 poker live chat? You can find this section through the Cashier by clicking on the appropriate field.

Cashier and live chat 888

Click on “Live chat” and the window for communication for 888 poker contact live chat will be opened in front of you, in which you can start a conversation by indicating the details of your account (nickname and e-mail).

If pop-up window appeared with information that 888 poker chat online is currently unavailable – contact the support center for online help.

888 poker live chat uk

How to contact 888 support  

888 poker support service answers all the users’ requests, however you can improve your appealing in order to avoid the standard answers and requests for giving the additional information. For this you should do the following things:

  • Formulate the question as concrete as possible. Set out information clearly and truthfully;
  • Indicate your nickname in the poker room if you write a letter from another e-mail which wasn’t specified during registration;
  • If it is possible – add a screenshot which shows the nature of the problem with 888 client;
  • Give additional information about the current status of the poker client (read on how to do this).

Try to be restrained and don’t use the rude words and phrases which can be perceived as too hostile. Remember that living people communicate with you, and their task is to help you to solve the problem. It isn't their fault that you have a problem, even if this problem concerns the work of the poker room. 888 support specialists don’t relate to the technical department of the room.

Poker client information

If you have a technical question or support asked you to give information about your account and the current version of the poker room, you need to copy additional information about the poker client. How to do it?

In the lobby of the poker room, select "Help" in the menu, point "About ...”. The window with necessary data will appear in front of you, and it will help support to solve your problem more correctly and quickly.

888 Additional information about 888 client

Pros and cons of 888 poker support:

  • There are several convenient ways for contacting support with your question or observation;
  • It works 24/7;
  • The communication methods such as telephone and online chat are not always available;

888 poker support service leaves a mixed impression on the users of the poker room. Despite the fact that technical support staff will never ignore your request, it often happens that you have to wait for an answer for more than a week. However, a special section “888poker support center” can be attributed to the advantage, because it will help you to find the answer to almost any question on your own.

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