A brawl broke out during a poker tournament at King's Casino

King's Casino 2020

King’s Casino in Rozvadov is now hosting a live series of poker tournaments under the name Balkan Poker Circuit. The casino hall is filled with poker players taking part in various events. Judging by the photo shown above, not every participant wears a face mask, which is a bit strange given the situation related to COVID-19.

Last week, a massive brawl broke out during one of the tournaments. A few poker players began to swing chairs, which frightened other participants, so some of them even ran away from the hall.

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The end of this fight was captured on video:

According to the player who was in the hall at that moment, there was a poker tournament when a player suddenly jumped up from the table and struck his opponent several times. The blows were so severe that the victim ended up on the floor, after which the offender continued to attack him. The guy was immediately taken to the hospital, while the assailant was arrested.

King's Casino is one of the most famous gambling establishments in Europe. Now, this is probably the only place where you can play live poker tournaments without any restrictions. People are allowed to visit casinos without face masks in the Czech Republic, but not everyone can come to Rozvadov to take part in a live poker festival, fearing the complicated epidemiological situation.

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