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A dip in Poker fortune

So not so steady yesterday when I lost a BIG all in with QQ versus AK. I guess it was going to happen sometime...and it was all going so well!


So the bad run of luck all began when I held QQ and quickly called an all in raise from a player holding AK off suit. Perhaps it was rash on both our parts but I don't think there is anything wrong with going all in with a monster hand like QQ. It looked like I was going to take the pot on a flop of 674 turn 10 and...river ....K. Apparently overcards hit 42% of the time, but according to article....QQ versus AK is not a coin flip and in actual fact QQs are favourite. Still both are fine to go all in with. It was just tough luck to be outdrawn.

Did I tilt after this? You bet ya.  Tried not to.  Next up, I held QJ and hit trips JJJ on the turn but got beat by someone with KJ and then as you can see below I lost another pot holding KJ for top pair and losing out to KQ!!

I got to keep believing that I can beat these players. I got unlucky and will just have to suck it in and keep trying. Sorry for the bad news guys!

                            Here was another one of four hands I lost.  A rare thing in the past week! 


Yesterday's summary -

Start up bankroll: $170

Profit/loss: +20% 😩😩 

I made a small comeback today with a couple of hands including AA and A3 💎.  With the A3 💎 me, he deserved it!

I won a big pot when I called a small raise before the flop and then flopped the straight! 💰💰💰

I managed to disaster more misfortune when my miracle A arrive during on the river. WHOOOOOOJAAAAHHHHH!!

Good luck on the tables everyone.

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how much had to endure until the ace on the river brought a smile.

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