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A healthy diet could help improve Texas NL Hold'em game play

I would like to argue the point that a healthier diet for physical and mental well being can ultimately lead to better Poker play and results.

In this post, I will be looking at player examples of leading a life of good diet and also the topic of mental strength in consequence of this, by referring to Rudyard Kupling's poem 'if' which talks about the need to keep your head when all others are losing their heads around you.  Remaining completely focused, undistracted and emotionally in control are all attributes required to be a long term winner as a gambler and life.  

Rudyard Kipling is a famous writer and wrote the very well known Jungle book.  The Poker world, life even, can be like a Jungle sometimes!

Although just a children's book, the Jungle Book became world famous and the messages in the book were relevant even to adults, especially today, by a very clever writer. The world is like a jungle sometimes, especially the gambling world!


After a month off, I returned to playing five - a - side football again and I played a good game scoring a few goals. After watching some films on Netflix like 'Game Changers' (all to do with the vegetarian diet) and also due to necessity (health reasons) I've needed to drastically improve my diet, and in the time I played football last, replacing fatty foods and pasta with lots of vegetables, greens, some fish and healthy fruits the result were very good by evidence of last night.  

Overall, I felt I was sharper and faster than usual and didn't really get tired on the pitch. So I've been wondering if the same method can be applied to playing poker too. Can you improve your overall game play with a better diet? You may not be working many muscles sitting down for hours behind a square screen, but you are of course using a lot of brain power (unless you don't take the game too seriously and just play NL Hold'em for fun) and the brain needs good energy to work at full capacity!  Anyway I felt I had improved two if not three times my usual energy levels and performance it will be interesting to find out this month if my level of NL Hold'em play will increase too....


Wideworld of suggests the following 5 foods for Poker players;



In football last night, I flew around the pitch like a flying wizard! Scoring 4 goals after a month off from playing :)

So to conclude, in my opinion, mental health and therefore good diet are intertwined and are just a small important for a sit down game like poker as it is in sport or day to day working efficiency.  When Jumping into the world of Poker and Poker gambling, you are going into a world of chaos and craziness where people all around you are either losing their heads or trying to beat you by taking your money through a huge variety of different ways (on the table players don't play in the same way) and so I've been looking at methods to find that winning edge. In the light of this, I'd like to finish today's post with the following poem 'If' by the famous writer Rudyard Kipling. It's 4 paragraphs long. Have you ever heard of it before?  We need great mental strength to combat the 'war of Poker'.




                           Thanks for reading! Stay healthy and good luck on the tables.

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Quality food is very important.

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Good post!

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Thanks 👌

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