A poker player turns $4 000 into $1 000 000 in 7 days

Grazvydas "Grazvydas" Kontautas

The other day, Lithuanian Grazvydas "Grazvydas" Kontautas was playing cash games at Americas Cardroom in solitude. But, in just 7 days, he managed to turn $4 000 into $1 000 000, playing on the same table. How did that happen?

The American poker room has special cash tables called 7-day No Rathole. Their peculiarity is as follows:

  • At the table, a player cannot start a session having more than 10 big blinds.
  • Within 7 days, you can take at the table only the amount with which you finished the previous session.

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Thus, Grazvydas began his “quest” for a million with $4 000 at the $200/$400 table. 7 days later, the amount of $1 000 000 popped up next to his nickname, and there were no longer those who wanted to play with him.

Americas Cardroom 2021

The Americas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy reported that on Twitter. He posted a screenshot of Grazvydas sitting alone at the table. Do you think this result is just luck or we should consider the player the new king of PLO?​

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I’ve been working in the Cardmates team since 2018. Started playing poker the same way most people usually do – socially, with friends and fellow students. I adored those exciting poker nights but never thought my life would be connected with this game, even tangentially.
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