A Rough Year for Negreanu: 2023 Ends with $2.2 Million Loss

Daniel Negreanu

As it is known, Daniel Negreanu has a pleasant tradition of summarizing his poker successes every year and sharing them on social networks. The year 2023 was no exception, and it was frankly unsuccessful for the Canadian.

During this period, he participated in 145 poker tournaments, but in only 39 of them he managed to get into the prize zone. Thus, his financial result from playing poker was minus $2,228,174. This is the worst result in the last ten years of Negreanu's career:

2013+ $1,963,500
2014+ $7,100,164
2015+ $952,920
2016- $1,246,693
2017- $86,140
2018+ $1,412,053
2019+ $831,891
2021+ $584,023
2022+ $1,625,545
2023- $2,228,174

Among the reasons for this result, Daniel noted that he played too many tournaments and also was having some bad luck. Accordingly, in 2024 he is going to reduce his tournament schedule and show only his best A-game. Negreanu spoke in more detail about all the results of the year and about some of his thoughts in a video on his YouTube channel.

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