ActionFreak again reduced the gap between him and Galfond to €178 200

Galfond Challenge

We have already wrote that Phil Galfond widened the gap between him and his opponent "ActionFreak" to $433 400.

Nevertheless, the poker player from Greece Ioannis "ActionFreak" Kontonatsios again managed to narrow this gap.

Just yesterday, the 9th game session of this challenge finished, and "ActionFreak" won $256 000 from Galfond.

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In total, 731 hands at $150/ $300 limits were played during the last game session.

It is obvious that things are not so simple in this Challenge. Some time ago, "ActionFreak" has already reduced the gap between him and Galfond to €321 000 and won €116 000 in one hand.

Challenge between Galfond and ActionFreak reached the half of its way, as 6 496 hands out of 15 000 planned ones were played.

Along with this challenge, the results of the first game session between Phil Galfond and Ben Sulsky will soon appear.

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