AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #12 = Too much!

Hey! Did you saw the photo? A dream :

Unfortunatelly, the main event 22$ buy-in was a misslick lol. I called in turn a shove where i had decent % ( 38%) but river didn come.

That was neutralised after a cash session..... NL25$ 11-times buyin without any succes..... tilt like hell. Lost more than 4 hours to recover myself. i will share only the good results from this session.

This was the first cash'em, and after an hour , i was sit-down again with 25$"

PS: I'm fine now! But was down with more than 35% of my bankroll in ONLY ONE SESSION!

This were the bubble hand and the last hand from the main event (that i won!)

The entire session was played from my phone. RIght now is down to 18% baterry! :)

Bankroll: 713.71$ and still registered in two events.

I will sleep verry late today, because this week i will work in the nights. It's for the first time, and i want to prepaire myself.

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so, how did you finish the session?

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Tired, but on plus, minimum cashout

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