AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #13 = About feelings!

Before starting with the feelings, i want to add the few hands that i played in the session:

AND a huge 4-way-pot allin preflop and his succes: 157.72$ stack after this 84.24$ win pot!

About feelings:

1. In the last days i feel like trapped into 600-700 bankroll and this because of some reasons:

a. Not enought time to play normal sessions. I am in the night shift, and you probably know that after 10PM is the perfect time to play on americas poker rooms.

b. My stubbornness to defeat any poker player in a single session. Sometimes i know some players, and i do really know about what they are capable of, and i still play with them (with the thinking that today, probably they have a bad day lol). This way sometimes is a result from point a.

c. I don't study anymore about poker. With a program like that at work (shifts, more hours than normal, family responsibility, a small child that i need to improve daily new ways of learning about some aspects from life etc.), i am shure that i have learned more than the others recreational players that i play with.

2. I dont see no promotions to make me playing with more interest.

3. The design of the poker room wasnt improved in the last amount of time.

4. My head is on the other way. As you probably know, the laws about cars (here in Germany) are verry strictly! And my old car have no chanses to gain another two years of tehnique inspections. I need to buy another, BUT i really want the ONE! I have already found what i like and what i need, and Saturday i will see it. It's a damn one! Hope it have no problems, because i really want to buy it! For me, personally, i could buy something not so expensive, but when you have family (small kid) you need top full: good engine, enought space, heat or clime, and your soul 100% prepared for longs roads!

Can you try to guess what kind of car is?

PS : The old one had a name: Poklutz. That means: "pok" from POKER and "lutz" from WORKING LATE (but in my language). I worked few months more than normal to buy that car. And played enough poker to reach near 50% of the entire value! But now it is only PAST...

Bankroll: 811.03$

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