AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #14 = Mixt session

It was a lucky day today!

I played 2 events, with results in both. I catched a nice cash table with some agro-maniac fishes. I tried hard do not being involved in some marginal spots, i decided to play tigher than usuall. Usual means "haotic" :) you probably know from last posts :)

The photo of this post have the main result of the day, one event with 5,5$ ( where i invested 27.5$ , few rebuys and addon):

Here is the best hand of the day. The nos to win this event!

On cash hands:

Well, hardking is a pro player. i played a lot with him (and i guess is ahead in winnings between us). i really like that he is playing most of the time with bet pot on 2 streets. When i am ahead, its sacrifice from him. Most of the time is nuts, or second nuts, but when i am nuts , he had rags or draws.

Fakiry is a tight fish, but he can call big with some rags. Thats why i played so much time with him!

Bankroll: 935.61$ and still in the last event (small one: 75$GTD with 2.2$ buyin)

No other tournaments available at the i will end the session after this mtt.

Our bankroll is near 1K!!!!! Hope in the next session i will made it! Let's see....

GL at the tables!

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really great! glad for you!

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