AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #15 = Don't forget what you was at the beginning!

After few sessions that i gamble untill 100-200$ stack (NL25, NL10 or NL50), i decided to think about if this is a good thing or not. I am happy to see, that i am not up or down, probably a little but up. But the big increases are, of corse, because of some tournaments. I remember with the feeling like "the n-time to go up from almost nothing" discouraged me, but the chanse to make something motivated me really quick!

And now, after 2-3 hours of cash games i can go at sleep loosing 100-180$ per session, exacly i won them. Because i have some thoughts that makes me feel confident further: "remember that 240$ win in a single session?", "still thinking about that badbeat in bubble, going first and win the mtt!" etc. , and whatever is hapenning (ITS JUST POKER, right?) i still have the require bankroll to cover back and defeat the step!

Let's make a review of my game in this poker room, and how i started first time from 0$. It was on 10.05.2020, in a weekend when i won a ticket of 27$. I didn't give interest, because you cannot withdraw into visa card or bank account... but the truth is, this poker room changed my thinkings about cryptocurrencies!

This ticket i used after some experience on this poker room, most exacly 20 days later on 1 June:

I was soo happy!!!!! But still a little pesimist, thinking i will not be able to withdraw a cent!

Was not like that, because after 21 days i made first withdraw of 50$ on my wallet. The money were there in 8 hours! Unbelievable!

I must say that i won some other small events, untill i played this main event:

Oh, and my first best hand was:

I couldn't believe that he shove overbet!

Look what kind of tables i was playing after one month at home ( parents in Germany can stay both at home in the first month of them child after it is born). Sometimes was really fantastic! Some days i couldn't sleep....

BUT i was there, i knew all the moves, promos, tournaments and more, and that made me stronger and gaining the power that i use now in this extraordinary challenge: FROM 50$ to 1 BTC ( or ~40.000$ was maximum of bitcoin after i started. first days it was near 12.000$ lol).

In this challenge, the tournament that gave me a lot of courage was (remember?) this:

Nowadays, i will try to play disciplined as i can, with reasons to make my "haotic game"

Thinking abou the start, yesterday i played some hands on NL5, was preety interesting, without any interesting hands, i saved one that i found nice:

Loosing more than 30$ at this table, with this new player "World330", i decided to go at my normal stakes.

I saw after a long time, a royal stright on a brazilian player!

Bankroll: 983,30$

Don't forget the start, remember that every time when you play better than that time!

GL at the tables!

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