AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #20 = Review of more short sessions!

I didn't heard you so much later because i played most of my short sessions on my phone. Why? My dauther doesn't sleep so well when i am playing long sessions. My desk is in the same room ( our bedroom). Even if she had her room, we didn't changed her to sleep there, because is so confortable for us having she in the near....

Anyway, that means i must use the laptop from my wife or my phone. The tablet is coded on amazon, and doesnt allow anymore to install my poker room. \But i can play from browser, if it is necesarry.

Let's deep into the sesssions:

I am so happy yo play some ofc cash games, i started with 25$ in this table :)

Quads aces

And i  lost the main event into a spot that i will repeat ( Ak va AQ) HE hits Q in turn.

Same starting with 25$

He was just trying this format , but he said he is not made to play with performance this type lol.

And now i will save this post , and i will update with some screenshoots from my phone:

Bankroll : 1217,12$ , Monthly Freeroll ( is tomorrow, but i cannot play it, i am going to work bleah) , and 1$ Ticket mtt

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