AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #21 = Another mtts that i won! !

And welcome back after a little short break! Was so much time for me that i didnt write some news....

Let me think, when ure working to much, you have no time to win! 

Even if your salary is great! 

Its all about feelings, right? 

I was so proud that this month i worked a little bit more and i won enought to cover a holiday into my country that i was born, and to pay the fly-tickets  and booking a car there for 1 week. This holiday will be in June and will have 6 weeks. Pretty fun, huh? 

Sometimes, late before sleeping i played some mtts, without any big results because i, was tired for gambling hard. Lets see:

Today i lost on bubble the main event of the month : 1k gtd for maximum 75players qualified.well,i remain sit out because i need to go at work today all night... I am in, a break of my working place right now:

Other situations:

New bankroll: 1677,83$

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