AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #23 = If you have money that you don't need NOW, DO THIS!

Do you remember my post of now few months about 888 investing? It was fast 200 p and now is: 406,2 p!!!!!!

So, i will come with another advice. One crypto: Cardano! You can find it on the most commun wallets. RIght now had a value of 1.2$, but in future, and i think untill June, it will be more than 2$ for shure. Lots of intelligent contracts waiting for this crypto. On the top 100, now is on top 5, and it use a beatable fee and a new version of transactions 2.0, which makes it quicker.

 If you have to buy 1000 coins, whould be a good investition. Trust in me, you will see the big results!

Let;s go back at my session nr.23. After an error, i couldn't post it yesterday, how was planned...But no worries, i still have the photo results, and i have my words with me :).

There were the main results:

Let's start with a bubble....

In this mtt was a hard game in the last 3 players, i fold lot's of good hands, but with the sacrifice of loosing the 1st place. it was 4/1 on chips, and i couldnt fold pair of TT on the QJ4 flop. No problem, still in graphics, was a session with 6 tournaments.

This was the best result: nr1. looks nice even if was on short stackes mtt.

When u're gambling too much, you're chanses for 1st place is decreased! 

This was the main reason that i changed my intention to invest than to wait for the big time: reaching a bitcoin bankroll.

The biggest buyin on this poker room is 55$ and this is only Sundays, the rest mtts from the week are maximum on 33$ buyin. Which can let me being confident with a 500$ bankroll. 

Some hands from cash:

Bankroll (in total) : 2643,28$

Have a nice day! And work for a better future!

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