AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #30 = Time for investing

Hey! How are you today????

So happy to be back in the CARDMATES SPACE! Well, we have another session to share with you!

I worked like hell lately, so i will share some random winnings, and the mixt moments.

PS: Was a period with lot of play on my phone, in the evenings, tired of so much work...

Lost of lot money in this event. Set vs set it's hard attack!

Daily are 3 Pinapple events, NEWS BIG! One 5.5 at 2AM and other 2x 1.1 in the day. I used to play the 12AM, which i won few times. This is one of the proofs lol

And the lobby event.

Otherwise, i "lost" on 5th , dominating with 70% of the chips from entire mmts, all shorts were doubled up from my stack....yea, i gambled a little, with not the best results, but happy to see a new bankroll on this pokerroom. It's a new start!

And i won 11T$ qualified in the MM -Sunday Storm. Sadly, i coudn't play the event...because was Sunday late, and i worked Nightshift in Monday. I still have the ticket, which could be divided in some small buyins in other tournament buyins. But i can't use this money in cash tables. This is good, a conservative way :)

Bankroll is down with ~80$.


1. In August i have 3 weeks Holidays , i will play more.

2. I will travel into the biggest tourism town from ROmania: Kronstadt ( or Brasov) and then i will see the Hermanstadt ( SIbiu). So happy, lots of german people there!

3. I will play only 1-2 events per evening, because i will use one small ipod or my phone.

4. It will be fun! My child will see a lot of new things :D

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