AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #5 = Schelude increased!


As i said, my challenge will be a long-therm-one and this i see it like an investition in Bitcoin.

GOOD NEWS: As you probably know, the value of a bitcoin is huuuuge increased after i started this challenge. My ideea starts at ~9000$ value, and at the first session, 1BTC was ~23k$. Right now is:

Why i said "good news"?

Well, because  my challenge is at the beginning, when the bitcoin is so big! Probably, later , in few months, it will go down a little bit. At his minimum value is the perfect time to withdraw into the wallet, right? At this point we don't play anymore in bitcoins, we play in $.

For example, if the bitcoin will drop at 260$. My challenge is done! Interesting , right?????

But that wasn't happen....

The session nr.5 was a light one, with some cash and 3 tournaments. I played it yesterday. I tried some other poker rooms ( that i can play from here, Germany....). I will share with you the results:

Look at this beauty:

On the poker room that i make this challenge, we can see lots of new mtts! Which is rreally good for us!

Today we have a nice ticket of the monthly 1k$ tournament:

Probably i can stream it, we will see :)

On GG room  i tried a high-speed mtt with 600$GTD with an investition of 1$, unfortunatelly, my "BITCOIN" wasn't sleep so well, and i let the mtt sit-out, i was out on ~30th place with a win of ~2.6$.

On GGPOker i am trying to construct a nice bankroll, without any investments. You, can read more of my plans on this POST

In one next Sunday, i will play this event:

CHALLENGE BANKROLL: 267.23$ + 1Ticket-1k$ Monthly leaderboard mtt

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