AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #6 = Double up!

Hey guys! It's Sunday, let's rock!

Today i played several mtts, and , as i said into my last post (Session #5) , i have played that huge value Liderboard Monthly Tournament with 38 players. I had some good spots, but also bad. Here are some:

So, after tis hand i lost more than i thought, and really bad, after addon. I must fold here. And i did that. Nice value bet in turn bro! ( he had KsQh, he received a call from 9sAx). I have only 10 blinds left, but i did it! I grow up after i receive 2 times KK, one time Q and 3 times AA :D.... but weren't the main spots that i increased my stack! I won the biggest pot with K7s and J9s from buttons both. Down are 2 hands. The one that put me in paid places with 33, and the last one was a flip , which i lost it , receiving 198$ as 2nd place. GG Bro!

Preety sad about this Champions leaderboard tournament because i was chipleader in last 4 players so much time.

Well, Good moment to say that my bankroll is doubled-up!

BANKROLL: 441,09$ with no tickets :)

GL at the tables!

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You are very good at winning good amounts from a small BR, so why don't you play higher limits?

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good girl in post

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