AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #7 = Cash moments!

What you do when you need intense feelings and have no time for skills ?

That's right! Sit down with 25$ and see whats happening LOL!

THat i made and lost some bullets at first hands....but i am so shiny to show them lol

Other hands :

I was down with more than 150$, and of corse with -140$ ....

I cashed it out imediatelly, because tomorrow i work from 6AM and i will try do not repeat this once again.

About feelings:

1. Sitting down with 25$ is not bad at 450$bankroll, its bad when you loose more than 3 buyins....

2. You cannot avoid tilt

3. It become a usual weard behavour if this is still repeated.

4. If you repeat, you must strong reasons (and i have): the promo of 40$ if i will 100hands on this stakes, huge rakeback, lots of bad players at the table and a strong motivation.

Bankroll: 492.33$, a monthly ticket and still in this freeroll lol:

GL at the tables!

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Soon we will be visiting your blog to see the girl at the end)

But you need to indicate who it is, at least;)

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User's aura GER4SOUL 135

Its an option! :)  i know that sometimes the session contend is not so "wow", in generally long challenge are like that... I will try more diversity, as long as the poker room will let me that. Thanks, 

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