AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #9 = Haotic!

Hey guys!

Session #9! This was the most spectacular from all previous!!! Why? WAS SPONTANEOUS!

I will start with this. It's a new format cash table, that included ante. After loosing some flips, i decided to jump with the maximum amount 50$ and play haotical: like a real tilt maniac! And this was the result:

Once they didn't refill them stack i decided to play some mtt events.

First one i missed at the final table... losing with KK vs AK

I've tried one more time to defeat the boring tigher player i have ever seen on this poker room, but he left quick, after i won 3 buyins from him! PS: I am after all matches still on loose with him ( probably near 80$ i must to recover from him). He is a g ood player!

This was the hand that i decided to reraise shove, probably he can have a smaller stright( 1% procent to have that. lol  , and still to call)

Anyway, the rake was benefic, because i won 7th place in the weekly cash leaderboard:

Every oportunity is good for your challenge! We must find them, when we have time!

Bankroll: 559.59$ , Monthly Freeroll Ticket 1000$ GTD

GL at your tables!

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Bankroll: 559.59$ , Monthly Freeroll Ticket 1000$ GTD

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Nice face she had! lol

haotical: like a real tilt maniac

Sometimes you should play like this)) 

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Is Rounders a good room to play? 

How about withdraw and bonuses on it?)

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They use only bitcoin and litecoin. The bonuses right now are not the best... But still wait for smth special lol


If you use a code bonus they will give you 100$ bonus. Are you interested? 

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