Age of the Gods Twister at BestPoker: chance to win a €100K jackpot

Age of the Gods Twister at BestPoker

BestPoker has launched special tourneys called Age of the Gods Twister. Playing them, each user of the room has an opportunity to win a €100K jackpot.

Age of the Gods Twister vs. Regular Twister Tournaments

In terms of game rules, Age of the Gods Twister events are no different from regular Twister events. However, participants of the Age of the Gods get a chance to wrap up one of 4 secret jackpots. When you pay a buy-in to the Age of the Gods tournament, some amount of the entry fee goes to form the Jackpot prize pool.

Age of the Gods Twister Highlights

A unique feature of the new Twister tournaments: the results of the event have no effect on winning a jackpot. Before the Twister begins, its prize pool is determined randomly, which is subsequently displayed on the screen.

If the opportunity to take the Age of the Gods jackpot occurs, then the tournament is stopped for half a minute. Next, the lucky participants play a jackpot game. Then the event continues according to standard rules of the Twister tourneys.

Age of the Gods: jackpot details

Age of the Gods Jackpot has 4 levels. Its prize pool is formed from players who place bets in the Age of the Gods game through the online casinos that provide these games. The jackpot size is determined according to the tier:

  1. Power Jackpot – €50
  2. ExtraPower Jackpot – €500
  3. SuperPower Jackpot – €5K
  4. UltimatePower Jackpot – €100K

Each euro of the tournament fee to enter the Age of the Gods Twister is distributed as follows:

  • €0.9201 – to form a jackpot pool of Twister tourney;
  • €0.0099 – to form a progressive jackpot of Age of the Gods games;
  • €0.07 – charged as entry fee.
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