Ali Imsirovic wins second PokerGO Cup title in three days

Ali Imsirovic 2021

Four PokerGO Cup 2021 events have been played. Ali Imsirovic won half of them: the PokerGO Cup Event # 2 held on Thursday and the PokerGO Cup Event # 4 held on Saturday.

Imsirovic now leads the overall series leaderboard. For Saturday's victory, the poker player received 240 points, which allowed him to lead the leaderboard. Ali is ahead of Dylan Linde and Alex Foxen by a wide margin. The guys are ranked second and third, respectively.

Imsirovic started the heads-up with a great advantage. He had three times as many chips as Daniel Weinand. Daniel gave a fight and made every effort to close the gap with Imsirovic but lost eventually, anyway.    

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In the final hand, blinds ranged to 30 000/60 000 with a 60 000 ante. Imsirovic limped from the button with pocket fives, and Weinand checked holding 8-3. The flop brought 7-6-5: Imsirovic hit a set of fives, while Weinand got a straight draw. Then, both poker players went all-in. Weinand had eight outs, but no card to improve his hand appeared on the table.

Ali Imsirovic received $240 000 for the second win, and we now wonder how many more PokerGO Cup 2021 titles the Bosnian will be able to win. What do you reckon?

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize money
1Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
$240 000
2Daniel Weinand
USA$157 000
3Jordan Cristos
USA$105 000
4Alex Foxen
USA$75 000
5Mo Rahim
Spain$50 000
6David Coleman
USA$45 000
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- good material
- normal material
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- horrible material
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