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In the life of a poker player, there are times when you want to quit this game completely. All this happens because of annoying situations when you go all-in with aces and your opponent with a pair of queens gets his winning out on the river. In order not to lose the hand, you can use all-in insurance at BestPoker and avoid bad beats like this.

How to use all-in insurance at BestPoker

In order to take advantage of all-in insurance, you need to do only four actions:

  1. Select the outs you want to remove.
  2. Choose a premium level.
  3. Check the payout using the formula: Payout = Premium x Odds.
  4. Get insurance with a single button press.

Insurance odds

BestPoker 2019

All-In insurance benefits

  • Full outs coverage
  • Option to protect all-in multiway
  • Different ways to cover the pot

Highlights of the All-in insurance feature

  • Only one applicant for the largest pot in the hand can use insurance.
  • Chop cards are considered as outs.
  • Outs cannot be excluded if there are > 20 of them.
  • All cards that you have excluded are subject to mandatory additional insurance.
  • Coverage up to 1/3 on the turn and full coverage on the river.


All-in insurance at BestPoker is a great way to fight against bad beats. Insure your hand in advance and calmly wait for the results of the dealing cards. This feature is definitely not suitable for thrill-seekers and gamblers.

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