Allen Kessler finally broke a 15-year curse

Allen Kessler WSOP 2019

​It could not be said that Allen Kesser is a bad poker player. Throughout his entire career, the guy has won around $4 000 000 and 343 times reached the prize zone of various tournaments. His only poker curse was the WSOP Main Event. For 15 consecutive years, Allen registered in this tournament in the hope of winning a gold bracelet, but never ever got into the money.

This year, Allen has finally broken the curse and cashed in the Main Event. There is only one question remained: how much money will the poker player be able to win? In order to recoup all buy-ins (for 15 years), he needs to win at least $150 000. Currently, the minimum payout is equal to $34 845.

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Kessler took several wrong decisions during the game days. For example, in one of the hands, he lost 150 000 from his stack having A-K and had to make great efforts to return the chips. At the moment, there are 354 people left the game and each of them is already guaranteed to get a minimum payout of $34K and Allen is far from being a chip leader:

Allen Kesser twitter

There are only 240 000 chips left in his stack with an average stack of 1 452 373. The current chip leader is Canadian player Dean Morrone. After the 4th game day, the guy managed to collect 4 980 000 chips.

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