American player won the lottery twice in one day

American player won the lottery

​“Lucky for Life” is an American lottery. Its peculiarity is that you can win a guaranteed prize money that will be paid for at least 20 years (even after death). For example, if a winner dies before 2041, his next of kin will receive $25 000 annually until the year 2041.

On Saturday, the “Lucky for Life” lottery was held, and Thomas Scotty from North Carolina became the winner. According to Thomas’ words, he accidentally filled out two tickets. This lucky man just lay in bed and watched a basketball game on TV. However, he forgot if he filled out the ticket or not.   

Scotty guessed all five numbers (2-6-7-11-19) on two tickets at once. For each ticket, the winner was able to get a lifetime reward of $25 000 per year, or an instant payout of $390 000. Thomas chose the second variant. He will receive $551 851 (including taxes) for two guessed tickets.

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Of course, journalists asked Scotty a standard question concerning his plans for winnings. He shared his thoughts about paying a part of the debt. In addition, he wants to invest in a dump truck manufacture business and buy a house.

The "Lucky for Life" lottery ticket costs $2. Players should select five numbers from 1 to 48, as well as a number of the lucky ball from 1 to 18. The odds of matching all five numbers are 1 to 1 813 028.

The lottery generates profit for US education. In 2020, over $385 million of lottery revenue was used to support both public and private schools. Tax money went to renovation of premises, salaries for teachers and staff, college scholarships and grants.

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