American Poker game rules

American Poker ​American poker is a popular kind of card game, which is presented in two formats: slot machine and live card game. The slot machine is popular among casino gamblers.   

American poker game rules are very similar to Texas Hold'em: players get 2 cards each and 5 cards are laid on the table. The game includes the same betting rounds and the player who collects the best 5-card combination or the one who knocks out all opponents from the battle, wins the pot. But there are also a number of substantial distinctions.

Differences between American poker and Texas Hold'em:

  • There are 32 cards in the deck instead of 52.
  • Flash beats a full house.
  • The combinations are similar to Texas Hold'em, but the lowest straight is presented in the following way: A-7-8-9-10.

American Poker rules

Stages of the game:

  • The initial bank is formed (due to the players post forced bets).
  • Players are dealt cards.
  • There are several betting rounds, in each of which players make bets.
  • After each round of betting, additional cards are dealt. This changes the strength of the players’ combinations.
  • If there is more than one player remaining after the last round of betting, the showdown takes place, and the pot goes to the player who collects the best hand.

So far, none of the known poker rooms provide tables with American Poker. But, with the growing popularity of Chinese Poker, Hold'em 6+ and other types of the game, the American Poker may appear in the clients of the rooms.

Slot Machine

For fans of slot machines, there is such a format of American Poker as a slot machine. This is nothing more than a simulator (application) in which you can play on the slot machine.

Cards are spinning on the reels. At the moment when the drum stops, it is determined whether the player wins or loses. If a row of cards doesn’t form any of the combinations, then the player loses the bet. In case the participant collects some combination, he receives the prize money in accordance with the table of winnings.

American Poker slot machine

"Double or nothing"

If a player gets a win, then he has the opportunity to increase it. To do this, you must guess the suit of the closed card. The winning increases proportionally with a number of the predicted cards. If the player is unable to guess the card, then the bonus, as well as fee for the collected combination, simply get burnt (he loses all his money). It is optional to agree for a bonus game.

This type of poker is a gamble since it all depends on luck.

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