American rapper lost $800K in Las Vegas overnight

Young Thug 2021

Popular American rappers often show off their wealth and love playing high-stakes games in casinos.

A rapper under the pseudonym Young Thug said that he had lost $800 000 in one of the Las Vegas gambling establishments in one night.

The fact that Jeffrey Williams (real name of the rapper) lost that much money in a casino became known from his social media.

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In the post, Young Thug attached a video in which he (being upset) talks about how unlucky he was to lose such a big amount, complaining that «Vegas just won $800 000 from him». Most likely, the guy was very drunk.

Jeffrey Williams did not specify in which casino he had blown $800 000. Despite such a big loss, the American rapper's bank account did not suffer significantly, because there is currently nearly $8 000 000.

There have been cases where American rappers have reacted more aggressively to their loss. For example, rapper Nelly made a fuss in one of Connecticut's casinos a year ago. 

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