An up and down start in January

An up and down session in January

In similar vein to November, I am attempting to stay disciplined by avoiding the football bets and not getting too downhearted when things don’t go my way on the poker table.  I managed to squeeze in a couple hours this evening before going to bed and despite the fact my A ♥️ 10 ♥️ got stacked by KK on a flop of Q ♥️ 4 ♥️ 10 ♠️ I found no joy as the turn and river both hit a blank.  Still this is a very strong holding indeed and I was about 50% favorite to win so there was absolutely no chance I fold here for any amount!  So I went all in and proceeded to lose my $10 :(

From this point on, things went a bit smoother and I managed to grind it out and win back the money lost, mainly from protected strong hands like top pair KQ and bluffing a few times.  Then I got distracted by my girlfriend coming home and suddenly lost another $5 when suddenly a player raised my A J suited on a flop of A 5 8 after I raised on the flop.  In the end he went all in on the river for my $20 stack and as I had no clue what he had the only thing I could do was fold!

Some of my other hands won after grinding it out:

This is going to be a super short post today.  All in all, there were some real fish out there, which makes things promising, but I just couldn’t give any more time to the game unfortunately.  One annoying thing that happened - I hit a full house with pocket twos on a flop of K2K and slow played.  The player still in was betting all the way to the river and the deck finished K2KAA.  He bet three quarters the pot and I folded.  I know I should have called.  What would you have done?  Leave your comments in the comment box!

I promise to write something more substantial next time!

Thank you all for reading my post.

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