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Analysis of the game at the final table. p.2

And so, I played this tournament really simply, I almost did not go on the postflop, but only tried to go all-in on the preflop, I think this strategy of the game is quite acceptable for this structure. Sometimes I see how some players enter the game through limp, while having pocket kings or aces, they do this to deceive their opponents, by the way, I need to learn this moves 😏 Well, then I was given pocket QQ, and I did not hesitate to go all-in...

This was the right decision on the preflop, I was hoping that my opponents would call and I would be able to increase my stack by knocking them out) However, things didn't go so well. The players, of course, had called my all-in, even with the hands that aren't worth it, and I should have won them) But happened poker) And it was a sad...😐

I lose in this situation, but at the same time one player left the tournament, and there was a pay-jump) a little later, I probably hurried and pushed my hand, which is not something that is all-in, I can't even called! I'm such a bad player 😩 As a result, I left the tournament in 5th place, and got some small cash for it...

Analyzing this final table, I realized that I made a lot of mistakes. If I knew how to play the turbo structure correctly, I probably would have won this tournament. I missed a few chances to win, with good hands for those situations. My excessive caution let me down and made my game worse at the final table. I need to learn this game as much as possible! Therefore, in the near future, I want to make a post about the charts of starting hands in the turbo structure, based on my findings 😏 Not just copy them from the Internet) Maybe I can do it) Okay, that's it) See U later! 😉

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