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Analysis through flopzilla

Analysis through flopzilla

I have a good poker friend who lived in Bali, probably a little less than me. Yesterday we have analyzed hands, I have probably been sorting hands with him for more than 5 years.

When I first arrived in Bali, he was my student, now he plays as well as I.

I want to share some info about analysis from flopzilla

We analyzed such a spot: We are opening on the BU, against the standard regs on BB 22-18-9

Texture Pair QQ5o

How do you play such hands? Do you exert pressure? How do you split the size?

Now actual play on 2-3 sizing

But for pairing, you can choose one.

And how will you play the same thing if you have a fish 60-5?

And if the fish is 60-20 with aggressive postflop

Turn A

River blank e.g. 2

Let's take a moment and think about how it will be optimal to play against 3 different opponents with whom we most often meet at low limits.

Regular 22-18-9

Fish 60-5 Calling Station

Fish 60-20 loose-aggressive

Which line will you choose in the starting hand, which sizing?

Tomorrow I will write a detailed analysis through the flopzilla

Are you even interested in a similar thing, do you find this useful?

As always may the power come with you and stay good people !)

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SanSan1Time user
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It's kinda hard to understand. Maybe for me, because I am on another level of playing poker. I'd appreciate if you make it more simple.

Good luck!

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deviles2006 user
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Ow, i was thinking to add some hard tips) but ok I will think,  how to make it more easy

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