Ari Engel Set a Record for WSOPC Titles: 16 Rings

Ari Engel set a record

Thanks to his achievements at the poker tables, Ari Engel set a new record in the community – now he has as many as 16 championship rings of the WSOP Circuit series. At the moment, he is the only one who can boast of so many precious trophies.

For a long time, the similar record holder was Maurice Hawkins with his 15 titles. However, 2023 was a very successful year for Canadian professional Engel: he managed to get five coveted titles.​

Ari turned forty this year. And he won his first WSOPC ring in 2007, so it took him sixteen years to get to the first line of this rating (interestingly, this coincides with the number of trophies).

A $400 Omaha tournament brought him a record 16th ring. After the victory, the Canadian commented that “it’s definitely nice to win, but my heart and thoughts are completely with Israel and the situation there.”

The record holder also noted those players whom he surpassed in the ranking (for example, Maurice with 15 titles, and two poker players with 14 rings). He commented that they have very decent results, and that their performance is even better than his when looking at the number of tournaments played.

If we look at Ari's achievement in more detail, we can see that he prefers offline: he won 13 rings in live events, and only three online. He also has two WSOP bracelets.

PlayerWSOPC ringsCountry
Ari Engel16Canada
Maurice Hawkins15USA
Daniel Lowery14USA
Joshua Reichard14USA

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