Bad Beat Jackpot at GGPoker: turn your worst moments into the best ones

Bad Beat Jackpot

With the Bad Beat Jackpot at GGPoker, players can turn their worst moments into the best ones, winning large sums of money. The Bad Beat Jackpot promo replaces the Flash Jackpot and Big Hand Jackpot.

The bad beat jackpot will come into play when you lose with one of the following hands:

Holdem Rush&CashPLO Rush&CashPLO5Short Deck
Losing with 2-2-2-2 or betterLosing with J-J-J-J or betterLosing with J-J-J-J or betterLosing with J-J-J-J or better

How to hit the jackpot

  1. The hand must reach showdown.
  2. Both the winner and the loser must use two hole cards to form the best 5-card combination.
  3. To make four of a kind, the loser/winner should be dealt a pocket pair.

When using the RITM feature, that is, running the board multiple times, only the first run is taken into account towards the jackpot. If you have met the jackpot conditions, rewards will be provided even if you are disconnected or leave the table.

All blinds have the same jackpot payout percentage, even though the jackpot is distributed differently for each blind. The exact jackpot payout percentage can be found on the official website of GGPoker.

Prizes are issued instantly. Play at GGPoker and win big. Good luck everyone!

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