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Be a tough nut in Poker!

Fitting in line with November, as the nuts have almost all by now long fallen from the trees, there are those that bounced on the floor, chucked there even by the clever crows trying to break them or the squirrels biting them, but there are some nuts which remain untouched; tightly closed and unbroken.  This post is about being a tough nut on the cash game tables, giving nothing away at any time, and seeing what the results will be...


There are two speakers who I recently listened to for inspiration, which I like to do from time to time, and the first of these two was self made entrepreneur Tai Lopez who in his Spotify podcast The Tai Lopez show discusses the point that none of us actually are that special; you've got to earn what you deserve.  He suggests that this is why those who are most successful in life work on their skills, whether they are looking for a model girlfriend, improving their business to make more money or increasing intellect throughout reading books.  This guy reads a book a day.  He goes on to say that things aren't just rightfully yours because you want them, even though this is what we are taught by society, and that to be really successful you've got to put in the work!  Can this be done in poker?


We are constantly being told we can we can be pop stars through advertisement, just by buying the clothes or whatever, even though we haven't done anything to deserve it.  

A social dilemma

While Lopez goes on to say his friend, who is a good looking guy with no trouble getting a girlfriend, it is actually his other more average looking mate who dates way more beautiful women, because he puts the work into improving himself by either going to the gym or reading books.  People are attracted to intelligent people.  Jordan Peterson, University lecturer also discusses the fact that the most intelligent people get paid the most in our world, and that is still the case of course, but we can atleast catch up by putting in the work, if we are not gifted with these natural talents.  The truth is, it doesn't matter if you work hard.

Ted talk speaker Tai Lopez

So what has this got to do with playing poker you ask?  Well for one, make sure you have a sound strategy you are following.  So many times I enjoy seen players calling from random positions this month with hands like KJ offsuit or 85 suited and although these are fun hands to play with, if you want to take the game more seriously, better hand selections and more positional raises is a good place to start.

It I said our natural poker tendency to either check to the pre flop raiser or check it down to 'see if our hand I see good on the river'.  I still find myself doing it from time to time too and it's something I'm still trying to work on!  It is really true that there should so much focus on post flop play because for example there seems to be barely anything done on river play; probably the most important street in No Limit Hold'em and where most of the profit and loss is made!

So be a tough nut in poker.  Keep improving.  Learn this stuff other players aren't willing too or are too lazy too.  Fight this tendency to check or fold all the time.  Make it difficult for your opponents without trapping yourself into losing a lot of money ofcourse!  For example, Raise into the raiser if you think you're ahead on the flop, bluff when you think players will fold, and call on the river if you're not 90% sure you're beat.  In 1% Poker the book is basically dedicated to discussing this type of play and the author recommends you to call with good hands on the river way more often and you will be surprised by how many times you will win, with a decent holding ofcourse.

#Remember though, poker is highly a variable game, so you can't play one dimensionally.  All of this is opinion and situations change so much in Poker all the time.


10-10 and J-J

How I play them.

I really like these strong holdings and almost always raise with them before the flop.  Depending on the players, at the 0.05c/0.10c I usually re raise with these hands as well, but am careful if there's is another raise in there as I could be up against AA-QQ.  When seeing a flop after a raise, there is always the danger of overcards, but you can hit a set and win big.  Overall, I would say the equity on both these hands are good on many flops.  They also fare well multi handed.  Still, always err on the side of caution and remember the saying 'fools rush in...' so always think about what you're doing and who you're up against.  Avoid what is strong, attack what is weak.

Quick catchup from yesterday's play...


This player got himself into all sorts of problems during a quick fire game where i took down $70 on three tables in about ten minutes.  I bet the flop with top set, checked the turn, and he went all in!

A standard AA win

Bankroll start up: $170

Profit/loss: + 110/115%

You don't necessarily be a perfect player, but become a tough nut to crack 😄 

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to be really successful you've got to put in the work!

People are attracted to intelligent people.

we can atleast catch up by putting in the work, if we are not gifted with these natural talents.

Nice post

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Profit/loss: + 110/115%

good result

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Thank you thank you - there's a first time for everything :)

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