Belgium to cut weekly deposit limit in poker rooms

Gambling in Belgium

Some European countries are reviewing their legislation with regard to the gambling industry. However, experience has shown that the changes are not always for the better.

Considering the fact that most people stayed home during the active phase of coronavirus pandemic, Europeans’ interest in online poker and other types of online gambling has significantly increased.

Belgium is among those countries where the number of online gamblers has grown. Local authorities could not fail to react to this situation. 

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The Belgian government has approved a draft law to slash weekly deposit limit for gambling. According to the draft law, players will be allowed to make deposits of up to €200 per week. By the way, the previous limit was €500.

But, there is one thing to note – the €200 deposit limit is set for one website. That is, if a player (residing in Belgium) plays in 3 poker rooms, then they will be able to deposit a total of €600.  

These changes are generally positive. Earlier, in April 2020, the Belgian government cut the deposit limit to €500 per week, regardless of the number of sites.

The local authorities took such measures as they want to reduce the risk of developing gambling addiction among certain players.

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