Benjamin Rolle played in $25 000 tournament and NL2 at the same time

Benjamin Rolle 2021

​Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle is an eminent poker player who has earned millions of dollars in online poker. In addition, he has written his own poker course, thereby making a significant contribution to the poker community.   

This week, Benjamin decided to stream and his choice of the game became quite unexpected. He included in his evening schedule $25 000 tournament and the lowest limit NL2 at PokerStars.  

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It is quite unexpected to see such a poker pro at this limit. Nevertheless, "bencb789" started playing in all seriousness. In one of the hands with K-5-4-3-A board, someone decided to fire three barrels with 10-2. Rolle called with A-5 and reacted actively to this situation. According to his words, all-in with 10-2 on the above-mentioned board is a mockery of him.

According to the session results, Rolle still showed a good play and won about 12 stacks. You can watch the most interesting situations in Rolle's play at the low limits in the stream highlights:  

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