BestPoker holds "All-In or Fold Jackpot" promotion

BestPoker 2019

BestPoker often holds different beneficial promotions for both regulars and newbies. One of such promos is AoF Jackpot.

AoF Jackpot highlights:

  • The AoF Jackpot promo is available only at All in or Fold cash tables.
  • To hit the Jackpot, a player needs to collect at least a Straight Flush in NLHE and a Royal Flush in Omaha.
  • You have to use both of your pocket cards in Hold’em and two of four pocket cards in Omaha to complete the above mentioned combinations.
  • For collecting the winning hand, a player is given a certain percentage of the Jackpot. The payout percentage depends on the limit:

All-In or Fold Jackpot

Please note: only hands that reach the showdown are eligible for the AoF Jackpot.

All-In or Fold fee

In AoF cash games, 44% of the fee charged (per hand played) goes towards the JackPot pool:

BestPoker AoF

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