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Betting strategy. (NBA)

Hello friends.

The new season of the NBA has begun. I follow the results every day. 

Everyone wants to have a betting strategy, but no one wants to spend time analyzing.  I sее a tendency in the NBA, if you bet on the outsider in all games, the day is a plus.


10 games. Outsiders win 6 games. 

If we bet 10$ on each game, we will get a profit 66.5$


7 games. 5 wins. profit 70.7$


7 games. 3 wins. profit 17.7$


9 games. 5 wins. profit 39.5$


5 games. 3 wins. profit 57$


11 games. 4 wins. profit 16.5$


5 games. 4 wins. profit 69$


10 games. 6 wins. profit 75$


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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