Biggest poker scandal of 2019 reached its denouement

Mike Postle 2020

Last year, a scandal involving Mike Postle awaked the poker community. 80 poker players filed a class-action lawsuit in the amount of $30 000 000 due to suspicions that Postle had been applying an unfair play.

The litigations and disputes related to this situation continued about a year, and on June 3, the court eventually handed down its decision, which satisfied just one person.

The Court's decision

The suit alleged that Postle had profited from cheating over other players involved in poker games, which were held live at the Stones Gambling Hall in California. The judge issued a decision based on 14 complaints.

The judge granted Postle’s and the Stones Gambling Casino applications, following which dismissed Veronica Brill’s lawsuit. He also noted that Brill, as well as other players, couldn’t invoke to the damage that they had suffered as a result of fraud since they couldn’t even specify days, when they had visited the casino.

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William B. Shubb, the judge who handled the case, determined that money lost in gambling games couldn’t be claimed back. The court did not find any objective evidence in this case.

Postle's «ghostly» accomplice

As a matter of interest, Postle's accomplice wasn’t found. The lawsuit stated that it was a casino employee who had passed information about pocket cards to Mike. It's worth noting that the complaints against the tournament director of the casino were also rejected.

The judge has also decreed that the casino owner could bear no responsibility to the players and couldn't guarantee games without cheating.

Veronica Brill's reaction

This decision outraged Veronica Brill, who faced off against Postle in the court. Veronica expressed her dissatisfaction, as she believes that according to the judge’s logic, it’s now possible to cheat people in live broadcasting:

Veronica Brill

Mike Postle promised to visit Joey Ingram on a podcast in the short run and explain his personal vision of this process. It makes people wonder if Postle has impressive evidence of his fair play.

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