Bill Perkins lost in the Choker Cup semi-final

Bill Perkins 2020

Choker is a game that integrates chess and poker. The creators of the game point out that Choker is fraught with elements of bluff and unpredictability of poker, as well as chess game based on knowledge and skills.

Main rules of Choker:

  • Players use a 44-card deck, and each participant receives 5 cards.
  • There is a chess piece depicted on every card.
  • Betting rounds take place once the 2nd, 4th and 5th cards are given to the players.
  • After the trading is over, you have to put the chess pieces on specially designated spots.
  • Next, one should play a traditional game of chess. The winner is the one who "chokemates" (checkmates).

The Challengers Choker Cup is taking place online this year, and famous businessman and poker player Bill Perkins took part in this game. In the quarter-final, the guy managed to beat his counterpart, Matthew Staples, and qualified for the semi-final round.

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In the semifinals, Bill was opposed by the charming Canadian chess player Alexandra Botez. This time Perkins competed against the professional of her craft and, eventually, lost to the girl – 0: 3.

Choker Cup

Next week, Alexandra Botez will meet in the final with Eric Rosen. The winner of this match will play in the super final against the chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

Check out the video to see the battle Alexandra Botez vs. Perkins:

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