Faraz Jaka’s biography

Faraz Jaka
Faraz Jaka (38 years)
over $6 770 000
Offline prizes
over $4 300 000
Online prizes
The best result:
$774 780 (2nd place in Championship Event, Bellagio Cup V in Las Vegas for $15 400)
Main achievements:
over $11 000 000 prizes for career, 2 WPT trophies
Can be found by nickname:
homeless millionaire
PokerStars: The-Toilet 0
Full Tilt (closed): The-Toilet 0

Faraz Jaka is an adventurous poker star from San Jose, California. The guy started his career online while studying at college. He sharpened his skills by playing several nights a week, while combining his passion with the studying.

In 2007, Faraz won the UB.com tournament, the guaranteed prize pool of which was 200 000$. In the same year he won the Sunday Warm-Up tournament on PokerStars and earned more than 110 000$. In August 2007, he got lucky again and gained a victory in Monday tournament for 1 000$ on Full Tilt Poker, where he received a 85 000$ reward.

The successes of Faraz Jaka do not cease to impress. Thus, in November 2009, he won the Super Tuesday tournament for 1 000$ on PokerStars, having earned 78 000$. He also became richer thanks to the Guarantee tournament for 150 000$ at the Absolute Poker and the Nightly Hundred Grand on PokerStars.

Despite the fact that Faraz Jaka's online results are quite impressive, they are not so bright compared to his success in live games. The poker player is a frequent guest of expensive tournaments and prestigious poker series. There are several six-figure winnings in the live events on his record and almost all of them he got for the 2nd and 3rd places or for reaching the final table. The player achieved victory only in two tournaments: L.A. Poker Classic 2008 Event for 1 000$, where he won 104 000$ for the first place, and 5 000$ High Roller Event at the WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic in 2014, where, in addition to the trophy, Faraz received 102 000$ of prize money.

Faraz Jaka is a talented high-level player and he is considered to be a pretty serious opponent.

​Interesting facts about Faraz Jaka:

  • Jaka was born in San Jose, California, in the family of Pakistani immigrants.
  • Before he started playing poker, Jaka had been a promising runner. He also played basketball for the Piedmont Hills high school and wrote poetry. After school, he entered the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Faraz began to play poker while studying at the university. Initially, he played online and small live games mostly, and in 2007 the guy took part in his first major poker tournament WSOP and got into prizes.
  • The player is called a homeless millionaire and is considered to be an interesting and unique person. Several years ago Faraz Jaka decided to leave his house and property, because, according to his words, all that stuff has brought him more harm than good. He told about this decision in an interview on CNN. This idea came to his mind at the tournament in Italy, when the player was invited to stay in Switzerland, where he realized that he was constantly living in a foreign country and sleeping on someone else's bed. He is used to "nomadic life", therefore he is not tied to his own house.
  • He criticizes the practice of living in luxury hotels and traveling on an expensive means of transport, as he considers it to be a barrier for acquiring new sensations and studying unique cultures. The guy enjoys living in places without many tourists who are below his income level.
  • The WPT player of the year has nothing but a backpack, bag for things and several million dollars. He has constantly cut down a number of the taken stuff while traveling, having noted that a lot of it has absolutely no value, and thereby he makes his life only better.
  • The poker player launched the poker site Checkraise.com in Brazil.
  • In 2018 in one of the interviews Faraz Jaka called Ostrava city in the Czech Republic and Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine as the most interesting places for him.

The ability to maintain wealth and experience, along with such a respect towards the people around him, makes Faraz Jaka simply an incomparable person.

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