Jaime Staples' biography

Jaime Staples
Jaime Staples (33 years)
over $135 600
Offline prizes
over $1 220 500
Online prizes
The best result:
$35 270 for 5th place at KO Series #03-HR at Partypoker
Main achievements:
one of the most popular poker streamers, PokerStars Championship trophy, Run It Up Reno trophy
Can be found by nickname:
PokerStars: jaimestaples
Full Tilt (closed): jaimestaples
Partypoker: jaimestaples
888poker: jstaples1
Betfair: jstaples1

Jaime Staples is young and prospective player who is famous not only for his results in the game but also for his online-streams. The broadcasts of Jason Somerville who is another famous player inspired Staples for creation the streams.

Jaime’s streams became his ticket for entering PokerStars Team as “PokerStars friend” and later as Team Pro Online. According to his words, signing of the contract with a poker room was the most memorable moment for him in poker.

"jaimestaples" took a fancy to poker at the age of 18 and began to play for the play chips. Soon he was so immersed in his hobby that he began to actively study the strategy and all sorts of subtleties of the game. Since then, he has remained loyal to poker.

Staples has his own special ritual: before session he meditates in order to keep a good state of mind. According to his earnings, meditation really works. His largest winning in live events was €22 735 or $26 798, he earned it in the tournament Pot Limit Omaha –Turbo for 550€ at PokerStars Championship in Barcelona in 2017. Besides the PokerStars Spade, Jaime also has a trophy of “Run it up Reno” series that he won in 2018.

With regard to his online success, his prize money is more than $1 000 000. Most of it he won at PokerStars – he earned there over $800 000.

Jaime Staples' photo

In February 2019, the Staples left the PokerStars team, and a month later he became the PartyPoker ambassador.

Jaime Staples has developed his own strategy for success a long time ago and he knows that the tiredness and lack of sleep lead to big mistakes. He follows his own rules and said that poker for him is an occupation that makes him happy.

Interesting facts about Jaime Staples:

  • ​Jaime Staples studied at the University of Lethbridge in Canada.
  • Before poker he was fond of golf and planned to build a career of a professional golfer.
  • Staples records video blogs about his life and posts them at the separate YouTube channel that is called "PokerStaples".
  • In March 2017 Jaime and his brother Matthew made a bet with Bill Perkins for 150 000$ according to which the player was supposed to lose weight and his brother was supposed to gain weight and eventually they were supposed to become equal in a weight. On March 25, 2018, guys win a bet. In a year Staples lost 116,7 pounds (or 53 kg) and on the last day of the bet he demonstrated 188,3 pounds (85,4 kg). His brother’s weigh became as much as Staples one. In a year he gained 53,3 pounds or 24 kg.

Staples won the bet

Jaime Staples on social networks:

Jaime Staples streams on Twitch under the nickname PokerStaples. He has the same nicknames on YouTube channel. Also the player has his own blog at YouTube (Jaime Staples).