Maria Lampropulos’ biography

Maria Constanza Lampropulos
Maria Constanza Lampropulos (42 years)
over $3 300 000
Offline prizes
exact amount is unknown
Online prizes
The best result:
$1 255 000 (the 1st place in the Main Event PartyPoker Million for $5 300
Main achievements:
first girl to win PCA Main Event, 1st place in the Main Event PartyPoker Millions, third on the Argentina All Time Money List

Maria Lampropulos was born in 1981 in Argentina. Her parents were immigrants from Greece who left their native country and decided to settle in Argentina.

Before playing poker, Maria studied management at the university, and then got a job at the IBM company. Since the girl had a remote work, this allowed her to travel around the world.

According to the "poker standards", the girl started to be interested in the game quite late – at the age of 30. Maria was taught to play poker by her boyfriend, who is the famous poker player Ivan Luca.

At first, she played micro-limits online for 4 years and basically monitored Ivan Luca’s successes. Since Maria's results weren't good, Luca invited the girl to try her hand at live tournaments.

First large winnings

In 2016, Maria received her first big prize money. Lampropulos and Luca took part in the same tournament worth €1 000 in Rozvadov, and it happened that they both reached the final heads-up.

It would be strange if they played against each other, therefore the couple decided to split the prize money. Maria won €100 000 and this win became a great springboard to start her poker career.

A year later, the Argentinian got even more serious victory, which still remains the largest one in her career. The girl managed to reach the heads-up of the Main Event PartyPoker Million for €5 000.

Before the game started, Lampropulos offered her opponent to share the prize, but Jacob Mulhern didn’t agree. Jacob soon regretted that decision, as Maria took the first place in the event, having earned $1 255 000.

Winning the Main Event PCA

In 2018, Maria Lampropoulos achieved another victory in a large event, which made her popular in the poker community. She took down the Main Event PCA and received $1 000 000 in prize money.

Maria Lampropoulos 2020

Upon this victory, Maria thanked her boyfriend Ivan Luca once again. The girl said that she had learned everything from him, and that they often played with each other. Every day, the female player learns something new concerning the game, but doesn’t believe that she can surpass Luca in poker.

Maria Lampropulos 2020

Interesting facts about Maria Lampropulos

  • Maria is in the 3rd place on the Argentina All Time Money List, and her boyfriend, Ivan Luca, leads this ranking.
  • In 2016, she shared prize money with Ivan Luca in heads-up of the Eureka tournament.
  • The girl is a very tight player, and other poker players often complain that Maria needs long time to make a decision at the table. Once, she has folded a full house in the Main Event WSOP.
  • Maria has become the first girl to win the Main Event PCA and Main Event PartyPoker Million.

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