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Molly Bloom
Molly Bloom (46 years)
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Main achievements:
organized one of the most famous underground poker clubs, wrote the autobiographical book "Molly's Game", which was made into the film

Molly Bloom is called as scandalous princess of illegal poker in a poker community. That's because Molly managed to organize one of the most famous underground poker clubs, where Hollywood celebrities and local gangs played.

The film “Molly’s Game” was produced in 2017 and it brought Molly the world fame. This film is based on the autobiographic book that was written by Molly herself.

In the interview Bloom pointed out two reasons why she wrote this bestseller: the first reason is that Molly didn’t communicate with the press and that’s why there were often inaccuracies in the description of what was going on. The second reason was to show an interesting world of the game, where a lot of exciting things were happening behind its scenes. Molly successfully coped with this task and wrote a book that was read by the millions people.

Molly was very active girl since childhood. She acquired troubles with the law at the age of 18: then young Molly violated the order of the hostel. Perhaps it was the first alarm bell. Molly got acquainted with poker after moving to Los Angeles. Her father organized the private poker games and future poker princess immediately realized that she could earn good money with poker. Over time, the girl organized an underground poker club which became one of the most prestigious clubs in Los Angeles.

Who played poker in underground club of Molly Bloom?

Such famous actors as Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Macaulay Culkin did not hesitate to appear at the poker table of this dubious place. Some guests of the club easily endured the loss of money, and for some players it ended in failure.

Producer Houston Curtis lost $1,000,000 overnight. He worried too much and as a result he had a heart attack. The local criminal authorities also became the frequent visitors and it turned out to be the beginning of the end of club’s functioning. The gangsters from Nahmad-Trincher Organization were the most dangerous guests of the club. They were watched by FBI and soon 30 people were detained during the game in the underground club. The princess of poker Molly Bloom was among them, however the court wasn’t able to accuse her and put behind bars.

Molly Bloom poker

Molly Bloom: life after the trial

In 2014 according to a court decision, Molly received a year of probation, $1,000 penalty and 200 hours of community service. At first the girl devoted all her free time to writing a book, and the film was based on it. After the book was published, Bloom didn’t stop and decided to achieve the new goal: to unite the women with ambitions who want to become successful people. Molly created the site Immollybloom.com, where she organizes her community.

In 2017, a movie about Molly Bloom directed by Aaron Sorkin was released, where the role of poker princess was played by Jessica Chastain.

Molly Bloom actress and real one

Molly Bloom’s private life

Everything is fine in the private life of Molly Bloom.

Molly Bloom is married to Devin Efinger. Devin is a staff member of National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Molly Bloom’s private life

Interesting facts about Molly Bloom:

  • Molly Bloom is prohibited from entry into Canada, but the girl was allowed to stay in Toronto for 48 hours, where the movie premiere was carried out at the International Film Festival.
  • Once Molly got an offer from famous actor Tobey Maguire to bark like a seal who wants a fish for $1,000 chip. After Molly refused, Toby was very surprised and asked whether the girl was really so rich.
  • $150 000 was the largest amount that Molly earned during the night.
  • Molly didn’t allow professional poker players to enter her club, since no one wanted to play with such grinders. Once the girl made an exception and Phil Ivey appeared in her underground poker club. Ivy's phenomenal ability to read the opponents terrified Molly. Poker player even proposed Molly to see how he played craps ... and he lost a large amount of money in the presence of a girl.
  • Molly Bloom was professionally involved in a ski sports, but she got a serious injury during the preparations for the Olympic Games and after it she had to get out of sport.