Rinat "ZapahZamazki" Lyapin’s biography

Rinat Lyapin
Rinat Lyapin
over $70 000
Offline prizes
over $1 900 000
Online prizes
The best result:
$29 000 or €22 222 (the 1st place in Ukraine Championships at RPT Grand Final 2012 in Kiev)
Main achievements:
popular poker streamer from Russia, WCOOP trophy, SCOOP trophy, successfully finished three marathons and progressed from $100 to $10 000 in 8 days
Can be found by nickname:
PokerStars: Zapahzamazki
Full Tilt (closed): Frompenzawizlav
Natural8: ZamazkaTV

Rinat "ZapahZamazki" Lyapin is a Russian poker player and streamer. According to Rinat’s words, he started to be interested in poker in 2006, and before that he was fond of e-sports. At first he played freerolls like many other novice poker players. A little later, Rinat began to play more seriously: he started to play at PartyPoker and studied poker theory in parallel.

In 2008, Lyapin began to participate in offline series. His best result is a championship at RPT series in Kiev in 2012. Then, Rinat earned $29 000 for the victory at Ukraine Championships. The player periodically appears in the live events, however he dedicates more time to online play.

Rinat Lyapin won many times in The Hot tournaments with various buy-ins at PokerStars. The best online result of the player is the 1st place at Turbo Series in the tournament with $109 buy-in. He earned $25 500 for the victory.

Rinat "ZapahZamazki" Lyapin’s biography

Rinat is actively engaged in the streaming since 2016. Since the beginning of streams on twitch, the player successfully finished three marathons. In one of them, ZapahZamazki was supposed to progress from $5 to $5 000. Within two months, the player managed to reach the desired mark.

He also described step by step what a beginner should do in order to repeat a similar result and how to do this. Then, Rinat raised the bar and progressed from the same amount to $10 000 for 29 days. The player turned $100 into $10 000 within 8 days in Natural8 poker room and got the bonus from the room in the same amount for this achievement.   

ZapahZamazki 2019

Interesting facts about ZapahZamazki:

  • Rinat Lyapin successfully finished three marathons. The fastest one is the progress from $100 to $10 000 within 8 days.
  • At the end of 2017, PokerStars banned the account of ZapahZamazki because of suspicion of addiction to gambling. After a while, PokerStars returned the account to the player.
  • ZapahZamazki considers that poker needs innovative changes. For example, in an interview with Cardmates, the player told about the need to prohibit software, play only with the camera and access of the poker room to the desktop in order to exclude the possible cheating.