Roman Romanovsky’s biography

Roman Romanovsky
Roman Romanovsky
over $429 900
Offline prizes
over $12 540 000
Online prizes
The best result:
$442 300 for the second place at SCOOP-14-H: NLHE 8-Max High Roller for $25 000 at PokerStars in May 2018
Main achievements:
over 12 540 000$ in total at PokerStars, FullTilt, PartyPoker, 888poker and iPoker network (according to PocketFives data), 189 776$ (the 1st place in NLH tournament for 2 200€ at EPT Deauville in 2012), 2 big charity marathons in online
Can be found by nickname:
Partypoker: romeopro33, SunityWaterline
PokerStars: RomeOpro
Winamax Poker: RomeOtheGoAT
888poker: Romeopro33

Roman “Romeopro” Romanovsky is the strongest and successful player in Ukraine and one of the best SNG/MTT players in the world. He specializes in online play, however periodically he can be met in the live events. Earlier Roman often visited the tournaments in Ukraine (when they were conducted in the country), went to WSOP Europe and other European countries several times, he was in Las-Vegas at WSOP 2013.

Many people know Romanovsky thanks to his large charity run. He carried out the first charity run in 2015 from 23 August up to and including 29 December. During that period he earned over 69 000$ and he donated 50% of this sum to a charity. Many of his poker colleagues joined Roman’s initiative. In 2016 he decided to repeat the experience with a charity run. This time he limited it not in time but in a profit amount. Roman was going to earn 600 000$ starting with a bankroll 66 666$ and planned to give to charity 2/3 of this amount. Before SCOOP starting in 2017 the profit of Ukrainian player at the charity run was about 350 000$. But then he changed the terms of charity run and began to hunt for 1 000 000$. He announced that after reaching the goal would be ready to leave poker.

According to PocketFives data Roman was repeatedly recognized as the best Ukrainian online MTT player. He has been holding this position since 2011. "Romeopro» has 7 Triple Crowns (each award for winning in the three large tournaments in three different poker rooms within a week). With such rate Romanovsky is included in top-10 of Triple Crown’s owners (approximately at the 7th position). Online winnings of player reached a point of 12 540 000$. As for October 2019 Romanovsky has over 9 791 cashes in online poker among which 332 are the first places, 236 are the second ones and 259 are the third places.

In September 2019, Romanovsky announced the completion of his poker career.

Roman Romanovsky

Interesting facts about Roman “Romeopro” Romanovsky:

  • Romanovsky is one of the coaches of bitBstaking training resource.
  • Roman often makes the bets on his play. In 2015 he took the side bets 1.1 to 1 for profit per year against any MTT player in the world, and in 2017 he participated in a couple of team’s bets.
  • Romanovsky is vegetarian.
  • Nicknames of Romanovsky in the poker rooms: "romeopro33" and "SunityWaterline" at PartyPoker, RomeOpro at PokerStars, "RomeOtheGoAT" at PokerStars.fr and Winamax, "Romeopro33" – 888poker and iPoker.